Who We Are

Our unique ability is to monetize real estate transactions for the nonprofit community. A Happy House is a for-purpose company built around the belief that as the world around us evolves, so should our options to create social impact.

How We Do It

At closing, we donate 25% of our commission to support amazing nonprofits. There are no extra fees and we hold the same industry standard commission. You’re already buying and selling, why not support a good cause while you’re at it?

Our Global Community

We are based out of Atlanta, GA, but our heart is wherever yours is. We work with nonprofits that reach lives in your city, across the nation, and around the world.

A Happy House Fundraiser is Better...

For Donors

  • No extra cost to buyers or sellers
  • Convenient
  • Personal
  • Easy integration
  • Ability to give without attending crowded event.

For Nonprofits

  • No additional workload on your staff
  • No event rental
  • No event staffing
  • No event catering
  • Free full service professional marketing firm

Make us your partner in change. We want to hear from you.

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